A music video/project by Ellen Pollard.

We are searching for the creator of this song.
We made a video clip!
Please listen and watch carefully.
If you do know this mysterious artist, let us know!

So here is another blog, from a work in progress about Utopia. Some is dutch, because it’s also for school. It’s about finding Utopia, or maybe making one of your own.
As the end of the semester is approaching, lot’s of work will be finished and put online, just a couple of weeks left! You can also check out this page (click), full of found things Utopia.
04.28.11 /04:09

a closer view

Just finished a silk screen print for an art project called ‘Improvising a room’ by Jo Caimo.A limited number of 20 posters, the front showing a small hint of a rectangle shape ( a shape used in the artwork by Jo). The back contains some more explanation about the artwork wich is a performance. The poster will be folded and packaged, so the finished product will be shown a bit later!
03.23.11 /12:46

So it has been a while since the last post, but it has been busy! That means new work will be shown online soon!

For an anti smoking campaign I made a fake pack of cigarettes. If you    want to take one, it breaks , symbolically. A website to help you stop    smoking is printed on the paper cigarette.
02.16.11 /07:31

Some other work including , a cd design, a series of 3 posters announcing lectures about architecture, and a design for a theatre show called ‘Geletterde mensen’ (literally translated->   ‘Letterd people’).

For this assignement we had to pick a bureau or person from the graphic world and make a small booklet about that subject. I made a sort of ‘In every picture’ involving Erik Kessels. We could only use the copy machine. It’s printed on paper that’s a bit more yellow.

Canvas  by  andbamnan